I’m encountering a tiger api error when trying to ...
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I’m encountering a tiger api error when trying to use an <Execute> component with a programmatically defined count aggregation measure in the series and I’m not quite sure what it means. Also attached a snippet of how the measure is created
hi @Evan Shen, the error
Ambiguous context for count
means that the analytical engine cannot distinctly determine the source table whose rows you want to calculate. The engine attempts to find one attribute that will serve as a context for calculation ( = will determine the source table). The attribute you want to count, plus all attributes from
(the dimension of the report), must be derivable from that context attribute. Without knowing your report and your model, I can't tell you exactly what to do to fix the problem, but I suggest you look into the docs for COUNT, particularly the "two-parameter version" - the second parameter allows you to exactly specify the context attribute so the engine will not attempt to determine it itself.