Hi Team, We are integrating gooddata with external...
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Hi Team, We are integrating gooddata with external OIDC provider. Is there a way to gracefully capture 404-User not registered error in the react application given by gooddata in case user has not been registered with gooddata?
@Jan Soubusta, please get us some help on this. Thanks
Actually, this is not my expertise 😉 @Peter Plochan @Dan Homola could you help, please?
Hi @Peter Plochan, please help.
Hi @Narinder Kumar, sorry for the late response. For the REST API, there’s no way how to gracefully do it now. You can only “parse” the
field in the response body and check if it contains “User is not registered” string (which is always the same for this type of error). I’ve created an issue for that and we will probably fix it in the next release (GD.CN 2.1). Sorry for the inconvenience.
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cc @Ondrej Macek ^
Hi @Peter Plochan @Ondrej Macek, we are still struggling to implement some solution for this. We are using react based application. In case user is not registered, user is redirected from our application domain to gooddata domain just showing the error json. That is very bad user experience. We have tried to handle it by making some changes to nginx ingress, but has not been able to make it work. Any suggestions here?