@here, Is there any way to use custom username/pas...
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@here, Is there any way to use custom username/password with GoodData CN ?
I guess you're talking about precreated
user in GoodData.CN Community Edition. Yes, you can create a new user and map it to "default" organization. Refer to documentation for details.
Thank you @Robert Moucha that worked as expected. Is the any possibility to change Bearer token?
If you're talking of tokens attached to User entity (so called user tokens), you may create a new user token and delete the old one using API. Changing Organization's "bootstrap" token is easily possible only in Kubernetes. In GoodData.CN Community edition this change is similar to changing user's API token, but you'll need to operate on token called
of the user
. 1. create new token
using POST /api/entities/users/admin/apiTokens 2. delete old bootstrap token using DELETE /api/entities/users/admin/apiTokens/bootstrap Note this change will most probably will not survive reboot. I will discuss the possibility of customizing token and credentials with team