scanSchemata Could not initialize connection to da...
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scanSchemata Could not initialize connection to data source with id = ... Thanks @Jan Soubusta for suggesting the console. I fail connecting the dataSource with dremio/gooddata. dremio and GD are deployed in k8s in the same namespace and I want a direct connection with dremio. Following that : • URL of k8s service is
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• dremio service name is
• namespace is
• and port is 31010 I wrote this POST this request body:
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  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "name": "axonaut-crm",
      "url": "",
      "schema": "",
      "type": "DREMIO",
      "username": "myusername",
      "password": "mypassword"
    "id": "axonaut-crm",
    "type": "dataSource"
Is it correct ?
I established the same setup in our AWS for testing purposes. I use
as the host in the jdbcUrl, without svc.cluster.local suffix and it works. I tested it with the suffix and it works as well. I am wandering how you deployed the dremio. Have you used the upstream helm chart?
I have made my custom chart with gooddata-cn-ce since I was not sure I could use legally the helm chart
I am interested in how the deployment of DREMIO looks like on your side. Anyway, you can connect into the POD with gooddata-cn-ce and try to ping
. Then try telnet to 31010.