Hi Team, Is there any limit of row for a single da...
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Hi Team, Is there any limit of row for a single dataset ? Currently i am trying to add a table from bigquery having 33573001 number of rows. The dataset is added in the model but when i try to analyze over the dataset it does not show up. Tried to check in the LDM exporter, it was not possible there too. Is there any configuration that i can change or set for adding it?
Hi Vatsal, you can find our limitions on workspace loading here: https://support.gooddata.com/hc/en-us/articles/215858108-Platform-Limits#anchor_4, 50 GB for full+incremental+delete mode and 25 GB for incremental+delete mode. There is also limitations with 250 columns in your upload file and it. Also, The data loading process first calculates surrogate keys to the input data (this part of the load times out after 2 hours). The actual load into the workspace after the surrogate keys have been generated has to finish within 4 hours.
Have you seen any errors in loading your data?
Hi Vatsal, I noticed that there has been a mix up in our documentation, and I might have jumped the gun a bit not realizing you were working with CN. Could you confirm if BQ was working for you in the past, or if this is an additional table? You may find the answers your looking for here: https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/1.7/administration/add-data-sources/supported/bigquery/
Yes i am working with BQ and GDCN
Hi @Vatsal Trivedi, In this case everything depends on: • design of table - partitioning, clustering • BigQuery sizing • design of report (insight) - cardinality of result, number of attributes in report dimension Please, share more details with us, esp. the design of report (metrics, view by/rows, segment by/columns).
+ if you create any filters in the insight.