Hi All, I have multiple schemas on one Postgres DB...
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Hi All, I have multiple schemas on one Postgres DB, Is it possible to join different schemas in same DataSource ?
Hi Amit, A data source can be connected with only one schema. If you want to access multiple schemas in your database you can create a separate data source for each schema.
Thanks for your response, i’ve created multiple Data Sources for different schemas. But i am unable to create logical data model using different schemas. which throwing me below mentioned errors. [{“severity”“ERROR”,“identifiers”[{“id”“fnx portal stg public”,“type”“dataSource”},{“id”“fnx interactive stg public”,“type”“dataSource”}],“code”“data source.multiple.mapped”,“message”“Unimplemented feature: multiple data sources are mapped to the logical model”,“resolution”:“Map datasets to tables from single data source”}]
For the multi data source use case we recommend to use technologies such as Dremio or Apache Drill. You can register all your DS into e.g. Dremio and then register it to GD.CN.
Hi Amit, thanks for this feedback! cc: @Ondrej Macek @Martin Svadlenka can you raise the priority of this "almost done" feature? 😉
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