The <data-filters> section clearly differentiates ...
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The data-filters section clearly differentiates between parent and child. I am wondering about setting up a filter value directly to the parent. Is that possible? (E.g.: we want a value to be fixed for now in the entire hierarchy. Can the parent and a child workspace be the same? Thx
Hi Vajk, not sure what do you mean by “the same”, however if you do not apply any filter to child workspaces or workspaces, you get the same analytical objects displaying thesame data. Only difference is that within child workspace some objects are naturally locked for editting. Also, the lvls of parent-child hierarchical structure is not anyhow limited, you can have multiple lvls where same rules apply.
Also, you cannot apply filters to parent workspace, in this case you get a following error response:
"detail": "Workspace of filter must be parent of workspace of filter setting. Affected filter-setting pairs: department-Retail",
“status”: 400, “title”: “Bad Request”, “traceId”: “e81716029f291196” @Ondrej Macek can you confirm whether there is any workaround?
Current design requires to set filter settings (values) in workspaces being child of parent, which contains filter itself. You can create multiple levels (3+) of hierarchy and you can set values in any child, no matter how deep it is under the parent, which contains corresponding filter. If you want multiple workspaces sharing the same filter value, I recommend to create 3 levels and set the value in second level. Example: parent(country) -> child(country=US, region) -> sub-child(region=east) Any number of subchilds share country=US Also you can set multiple values: parent(country) -> child(country=US,CZ,UK,...) -> sub-child(country=US)
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