I am trying to use the "existingSecret" annotation...
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I am trying to use the "existingSecret" annotation for the postgres database in my helm charts with google cloud platform, and the documentation doesn't have an example. For secret named x, would I need to do something like: existingSecret: project/projectnumber/secrets/x existingSecret: x existingSecret: project.projectnumber.secrets.x or something else? https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/1.6/installation/k8s/helm-chart-options/
And does that secret need to be: "postgresql-password:password" "postgresql-password=password" "{postgresql-password:password}" "{"postgresql-password":password}" "password"
@Robert Moucha @Milan Sladký please, can you help?
during the helm chart installation, you need to pass the name of this secret in
existingSecret: x
in your particular case.
So this is a kubernetes secret not a gcp secret?
Alrighty I will figure out how the platform team wants me to stick it in there.
You're right, Kubernetes Secret is not a GCP secret. But I believe there is a way how to integrate GSM and Kubernetes secrets.