I keep on getting this error when trying to apply ...
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I keep on getting this error when trying to apply the sum of a measure I’ve pulled in from my LDM via the catalog_export_tool in an Execute component like this
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                seriesBy={ [Universe_1.Sum]}
Tiger backend threw an error: 1. detail: “An error has occurred during the calculation of the result” 2. reason: “aggregation dimension is not comparable to that of subtree: dim=[attribute/visitation_dn.origin_state/ddc4af303d824ee080840031e39118dd] subtrees=[{\“fact\“{\“dim\“[\“attribute/daily_visits.destination/ddc4af303d824ee080840031e39118dd\“],\“query_type\“\“numeric\“,\“id\“\“fact/fact.daily_visits.universe/ddc4af303d824ee080840031e39118dd\“}}] trace_ast={type=metric object,value=metric/m_fact.daily_visits.universe_sum/**local**,content=[]}” 3. resultId: “d21ae753b81859909823b923505ecd4eb32daa15" 4. status: 400 5. traceId: “beaa842b7447d45c” Not sure what the issue is here
The fact and the attribute are not connected properly in LDM. Can you paste here a screenshot of your LDM, the related part in particular (datasets daily_visits and visitation_dn)?
Here you go, let me know if you need any thing else to help debug this
I see yoour two datasets (Daily visits and visitation_dn) share a large subset of attributes. I wonder what you intend to achieve with such a model. Anyway, most probably you are trying to pair the Universe fact with the attribute Origin state from the wrong dataset. Just use Daily visits.
Ok thanks for the reply, I ended up using a new LDM that solves this issue.