Trying to create a dataFilter with the entities AP...
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Trying to create a dataFilter with the entities API. Is it possible? The API reference suggests a
section in the request body. However, the server responds with HTTP 500. Logs show:
Persisting 'to many' entity relationships is not supported yet. Property 'WorkspaceDataFilter.filterSettings' must not be filled during the operation.
So, how am I supposed to specify the child-workspaces and their respective
? Thanks
Thing is that filters and their settings are not stored in the same workspaces - filter in parent and it's setting in child (or subchild, ...). We may introduce a special API allowing setting of "filter settings" through the parent workspace, but it has not been planned yet. Now you can set the filter only, which causes all child workspace cannot see any data (without setting it behaves like this due to security reasons). If you want to manage both the filters and their settings, please, use the dedicated layout API - /api/layout/workspaceDataFilters.
Does that mean that I can specify the particular filterSetting in the child workspace? On the entities API I only see a readonly workspaceDataFilterSettings interface. My problem with /api/layout/workspaceDataFilters is that if we were to call it in parallel to add two different filters, one of them might get lost.
You are right. Honestly, I expected this requirement, but due to prioritization on our side it has not been implemented yet. Let me discuss it on our side.
I have just created an internal issue and sent a request for prioritization to our product owner + manager 😉
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