Hey guys, trying to follow the university course b...
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Hey guys, trying to follow the university course below to load sample dashboards. The instructions on Postman is pretty unclear in the video. For someone who’s trying this the first time, can you send a step by step instruction on Postman to get the sample dashboards loaded? https://university.gooddata.com/first-steps-with-gooddatacn/806201
Hi @Balakumar Raghuraman these are the steps that we used:
1. click on the + icon to open a new empty tab in postman
2. select PUT http method and use this URL:
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3. Replace the {workspaceId} with your actual workspace id - which you can grab from the URL. E.g. when you on the Data->Model page it looks like this:
4. Set the headers as pictured below. Here are the actual values so you can copy paste them: Content-Type: application/json Accept: application/vnd.gooddata.api+json Authorization: Bearer YWRtaW46Ym9vdHN0cmFwOmFkbWluMTIz
5. Go to "body" and switch to binary, you should now have the option to upload a file like:
6. Select the JSON file you downloaded from the course
7. Now you should be ready to hit the "Send" button
Note that you don't need to use Postman. You can use any tool/script to issue the HTTP calls you like. On the detail tabs in the course (accessible by clicking on "Details" button on the right side of the videos) are examples of the calls using CURL that contain all the needed headers and URL that you can copy to your tool of choice.
Thank you @Tereza Cihelkova. this was perfect. I was able to get the sample dashboards up by following the instructions above 👍
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Happy to hear it helped!
Do you know what was the part that wasn't clear in the course? (so we can fix it)
Steps 4 and 5
Thank you.