:wave: Hello, team! I am setting up <Gooddata.cn> ...
# gooddata-cn
👋 Hello, team! I am setting up Gooddata.cn in our AWS environment and following the docs here and seeing that
pods are not coming into
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NAME                       READY   STATUS     RESTARTS   
AGEpulsar-bookie-0            0/1     Init:0/1   0          59
mpulsar-bookie-1            0/1     Init:0/1   0          59
mpulsar-bookie-2            0/1     Init:0/1   0          59
mpulsar-bookie-init-vgp9s   0/1     Init:0/1   0          59
mpulsar-broker-0            0/1     Init:0/2   0          59
mpulsar-broker-1            0/1     Init:0/2   0          59m
pulsar-pulsar-init-vx8vz   0/1     Init:0/2   0          59m
pulsar-recovery-0          0/1     Init:0/1   0          59m
pulsar-zookeeper-0         1/1     Running    0          59m
pulsar-zookeeper-1         1/1     Running    0          59m
pulsar-zookeeper-2         0/1     Pending    0          58m
Any help would be appreciated here..
Hello Rahul, one pod of Zookeeper StatefulSet (pulsar-zookeeper-2) remains in Pending state. There may be multiple reasons why the Zookeper pod doesn't come up. Please investigate the state of this Pod (e.g. using
kubectl describe ...
command) and you should see the cause. The usual suspects are: • not enough cluster resources (cpu, ram) • can not attach PersistentVolume