apologies for the long extract , but since Im unfo...
# gooddata-cn
apologies for the long extract , but since Im unfortunately not able to get any further otherwise, maybe you could have a brief look into it or give me a little hint where I could look into to better debug/trace .
The error suggests that tenant or namespace in Pulsar was not created. Creation of the tenant and namespace is done by pre-install helm hook gooddata-cn-create-namespace. Did you used some custom way of installing helm chart, that would prevent this job from running?
also check your pulsar deployment was performed according to our documentation, notably if customized values.yaml used during helm install command for Pulsar contained:
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    webSocketServiceEnabled: "true"
I see, not and can be the issue indeed, will double check in a moment and let you know. the installation is a bit custom tailored, esp. that of pulsar, thoughnot by much,
thanks already 🙂
webSocketServiceEnabled was not enabled as you indicated might be the case.I had overall some trouble with pulsar and provisioning it using flux2/HelmController vs. CLI and had to render the chart into manifests and aparently this one went missing in action. Thanks so much again and will only give it a brief thumbs up once all working
well, the Apache Pulsar chart may be slightly "unfriendly" to flux, because the initial installation needs
initialize: true
value while upgrades not, making it a bit inconvenient to GitOps 😉 When you update your Pulsar chart release, please refresh the GoodData.CN deployment as well to make the pre-install hook to create the pulsar tenant and namespace.
And let us know if there are some other outstanding issues.
Thanks first of all, the missing varible resolve the problem ... only of course to make toom for a new one 🙂
i'll share at some point in time but first will test a bit further ... have a good evening and a great weekend as well
Fyi only and thanks again, believe all pulsar errors are out of the door, and yeah, do have one left and that's i'll put that in the general chat and see if maybe some time next week someone can have a look.