Hi, I was looking into supported data sources and ...
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Hi, I was looking into supported data sources and found following: PostgreSQL, Redshift, Snowfalke and Vertica - any plan for BigQuery? Comparing to current SaaS model - there is a “Data Source” and then underlying “workspace database engine”. Do I understand it correctly that in GoodData.CN the data is in the same db where you have “source data” as well as where “backend” is computing your dashboards, right? Or to be ore precise … there is no thing such “data load” since the data is one place? coming from GD background this is the first question that came to my mind… maybe I missed something. Thanks!
Hi JT. You are right. There is no dataload. Reports are computed on the datasource side.
Hi JT, BigQuery is not a supported data source at the moment. It is on our roadmap, but it is not planned for the upcoming release.
thnaks! 😉
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@Ondrej Macek would you be so kind reveal aprox. time when do you plan support BQ? Q2/21?
Hey. A quick follow up on this and since we look also into Databricks Delta Lake / SQL Analytics, is that something you would also consider to support? Or do you plan to support open-sourced connectors?
@Jan Kadleček we do plan to release BQ support approx at the end July. @Vojtech Kopal out the mentioned 2, we do not have any on the short term road-map, however we want to be pretty agressive on adding support for data sources platforms. I am sure we will consider those in one of the future versions.