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<!channel> Where to find GoodData at dbt Coalesce??GoodData's Booth - # 120 ◦ Speak with Product and Engineering leadership! ◦ See a product demo! ◦ Get a henna tattoo! • Ryan Dolley and Jan Sobousta's presentation on how to be the laziest but more productive developer ever ◦ Tuesday Oct 17 @ 3:30pm PST ◦ Link to more details! • Ryan Dolley VP product strategy participating on Upsolver panel ◦ Tuesday Oct 17 @ 1pm PST ◦ At the Upsolver booth ◦ More details hereTop Gun themed happy hour at Kansas City BBQ ◦ Wednesday Oct 18 @ 6:30pm PST ◦ RSVP here! • Want a 1x1 experience? book time with us here!
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