Is this possible to use OIDC for embedded IFrames content?

  • 12 April 2022
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Is this possible?

Or if PGP authentication is the only way (ideally we want to store users in the application database only)?


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2 replies

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Hi Dmytro, 


Embedding including authentication is documented here: Generally anything related to GoodData.UI (SDK) is documented in this dedicated documentation. Let me know is it helps. 



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This would also depend if you are using GoodData hosted platform or GoodData.CN.

In GoodData CN, OIDC is the only means of authentication.

In GoodData hosted platform it’s possible to use password authentication (not very useful for embedded content) or SSO.

SSO can either be configured using SAML2.0 protocol (any identity provider supporting this protocol can be integrated with GoodData) or PGP SSO, which is our proprietary custom SSO based on PGP exchange for signing and encryption - it’s very simple in principle, therefore it’s easy to integrate into custom application, if you are managing the identities of users by yourself, without using 3rd party identity provider.


Best regards,

Boris from GoodData Support