How to know where is stored a loading process?

  • 16 March 2022
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Hi! As a big user of Good Data APIs, we implemented methods to properly create and delete source connections to our Amazon S3 containers.

Still, I’m blocked by a conflict that I’m not sure how to solve : I cannot delete a datasource which should not be used anymore in our domain because a “loading process” is built in top of it (a technical layer, before the schedules definitions if I understood correctly).


I found in the API that project by project, I can list all the loading process that has been declared in each : I cannot find back in any of my projects this blocking process (despite I’m administrator of the domain).


Is there a way to get directly to a loading process knowing its ID, or listing all the loading process existing in a domain? And may my issue come from the fact that some projects or some loading processes may exist in a domain and the administrator is not allowed to see them?

So frustrating because I do have the id of the loading process that is blocking me :


Just don’t know what to do with it...


If anyone faced this issue already, thanks in advance!


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Hi Quentin,

I am afraid, there is no easy way to list all the processes under the certain Domain right now, but you can use this API call to list data loading processes for a project.
If you are unable to see this particular one, it might be caused by a fact that you are not the Admin of the project where the process is running now.

Please check also these articles below:

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Hello, thanks for your tips. In fact, I was able to have an hint with a domain administrator API that lists all the workspaces in the domain, and I could find even the ones that are not active (i.e. not visible in the web portal). They are in ARCHIVED or DELETED state.

Unfortunately I cannot check if a loading process exists on these ARCHIVED or DELETED workspaces (i don’t have the rights).


But could this be the explanation? Could a DELETED or ARCHIVED workspaces that were using an existing datasource prevent deleting this datasource?


Thanks for the precision!

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Hi Quentin, 

The reason you are unable to delete the data loading process is that it is tied to a deleted workspace. We have a ticket open internally regarding this limitation and we are working on making it possible to delete a data source even if it’s tied to a loading process in a deleted workspace. In the meantime, I have gone ahead and undeleted the workspace “AuvergneSeramikOld” so you can delete the data loading process (feel free to delete it after this is done). Please give that a try and let us know if you are now able to delete the datasource.




Thanks for this precision, it’s very clear. I did succeeded into deleting my data source correctly now. Then deleting my project.


Thanks for the help!