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  • 25 February 2022
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HI All,

I would like to show a date as a headline component. Is this possible?

I am using GDCN 1.6


E.g. from my dataset, I want to show what is the `select max(date)`


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Hi Carson,


It seems really strange that you would only be working with a single date dimension within your workspace. How exactly are you planning on analyzing only dates in your workspace? Could you post a screenshot of your LDM here?

Hi Joseph Heun, do you have any update on this question? Thanks

Hi Joseph,

This “start_time” field is a date dimension.

This is a single-table example, so there is no connection point.

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Hi Carson,

I may have misspoke as it works differently with dates in headline reports. You may need to try something like the following: 


SELECT MAX ((SELECT (10000 * MAX( Year Snapshot))) + (100 * MAX(Month (Snapshot))) + (MAX(Day of Month (Snapshot))) BY Connection point)) WHERE (SELECT COUNT(Date (Snapshot), Connection point) BY Year (Snapshot), ALL OTHER) > 0

The final step will be apply the following number formatting:



However, you say that you are looking for a max(start_time) is this for an attribute time dimension rather than a date dimension? 

Hi Joseph,

Could you clarify your answer please?

To illustrate this use case -- the LDM is 1 table only. And it has a date field “start_time” --

How can write a metric to return max(start_time) across the dataset?

Thank you

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The metric to display a MAX date would like something like the following based on your LDM and connection point: 

Select MAX (SELECT DATE (date) By Connection Point