Lookup a value not exists in the attribute value list of an attribute

  • 11 October 2021
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Hi there,

I’m creating a metric with a condition that is looking for a value in the attribute value list, but that value doesn't exist in the Attribute values appearance, my case:


‘Vacant’ value doesn’t appear at this time, maybe it will be in the future.

How could I use it anyway?

Thank you!


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Hi Lena, 


Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the way your syntax is currently defined is not considered proper MAQL syntax as only valid/existing attribute values can be included. Therefore, in order for the metric to work, you will have to remove the invalid element. Once the attribute is loaded into the project, you can go back to the metric and edit it to include it. 

We hope you find this information helpful. 


Best regards, 


Thanks for your quick reply. But I’m developing in a Master workspace and applying to all clients. That value may do not appear in this client but it will in other clients. 
So I can not custom a metric for each client.

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A way to achieve this is by adding the attribute to the client project/s where you intend to add it and set the appropiate tags so the rollout brick doesn’t remove them. Please note that a proper MAQL syntax is always needed to create a metric.


1) In case you don't use production_tag at all, then you automatically transfer all objects (dashboards, KPI dashboards, reports, AD reports, metrics and variables).

2) Then if production_tag is used and transfer_all = false or is missing => this transfer all objects tagged with the product_flag value.

3) Last option is missing production_tag and transfer_all = false or missing => transfer all dashboards including KPI dashboards.


More information can be found here:  transfer_all and production_tags


You can check our documentation on how to add tags here: 


Add a tag to an attribute


The same process describe above applies to facts, metrics and datasets. 


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Thanks for your support, but how about a value that has spaces such as ‘Trustee Occ/Eviction’, I can not add a tag with spaces.

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Hey Lena,

Could you maybe adjust your metric and try to use the LIKE/ILIKE Clause? The condition should look somehow as in my example below:

...WHERE Stage name ILIKE "%Trustee%"

Just make sure that you are working with the Attribute label and not with the Attribute itself.

Also, the data, including also the missing "Vacant" value, should be loaded into the Master project. Just be aware, if the value doesn't exist in the Client project, such metric wouldn't be computable.