Is it possible to create an attribute type metric?

  • 20 October 2021
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Hi, I am trying to create price range bucket to group together products by prices ranges <£50, £50-<£100 in MAQL as a metric then to use it to display results by price ranges.

I am able to do the calculation but my new metric is created as a fact not an attribute so I cannot build analysis of different price buckets.

I looked at computed metrics too but these only allow me to use pre-created attributes and not fact values within them.

Is this possible to do or does this need to happen before the data model enters GooddData. Thanks.


3 replies

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If computed attributes don’t fit your use case here, then you will need to ensure you have created the datasets/attributes correctly within the logical data model. 

Thanks, the logical data model is set up well but I was looking for functionality to create new more complex variables to use in queries than GoodData allows me to.  

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Please note that Variables are more or less designed for Enterprise customers. The variables can only be implemented on a metric level, but cannot be used as a filter on an insight or KPI Dashboard.