Is it possible to create a Metric for the "last known value"

  • 16 February 2023
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I’ve got a strange one that I’m wondering if anyone has seen and been able to find a way around.  I’m trying to build a dashboard which shows headline Economic stats from various datasets.  The problem is, the datasets are all updated at different frequencies, some monthly, some quarterly.  The figure I’m trying to display is the “most current value” for each of the metrics.  Some are current from this month (Feb 2023), others are current from last month (Jan 2023), and others are current from three months ago.  Without having to configure the KPI or Metric for a “static” date, can anyone think of a way of doing this?  Below screenshot shows an example of a couple of the datasets.




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Hi Mark,


In this case, I think the MAX function would achieve the results you are looking for. As our support article MAX describes, this function can be used to display the maximum value. How exactly you implement this function will depend on how your Logical Data Model is set up. In its most basic form, you’d be looking at a query like so:

SELECT [desired value] WHERE MAX(Date)

This would display only the most recent entry (i.e., the one where the Date value is the maximum).


You can also refer to this Classic article Finding Min and Max Dates Using Date Arithmetic. It is for an older version of the product, so some aspects of the UI may be different than what you are used to, but the logic there still checks out.


In order to create a solution that better matches your data, please give us a bit more information about how it is configured in GoodData. A more in-depth explanation of how your data is set up, or a screenshot of your LDM, would be most helpful in this case.


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I would also like to suggest some additional reading, to help you better understand how Dates work in GoodData. See below:

I hope these are helpful! Let us know if you would need any more help.


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