How To Ensure A Metric Available In Analytics Designer

  • 5 October 2020
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I created a metric based on two values that I’m using in an insight. However, when I use the metric ( a measure that simply chooses which of the other two measures should be shown) I get a message saying “Sorry, We Can’t Display This Insight”. 

And then when I use other data values, it moves into “unrelated data measures” 


Do the metrics need to be applied to the LDM? Or do I need to somehow associate the metric with a given dataset? 



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MAQL always works in the context of data available in a given logical data model which determines the available data and utilization of MAQL statements.

You will need to make sure that all facts and attributes (datasets) are connected in a meaningful way within the LDM to ensure that the report will be working correctly. 

Here are some articles that may assist further:


If you LDM hasn’t fully connected the datasets you need, you can use explicit lifting to help accomplish your report:

If you are still facing issues with the metric, we will be more than happy to look directly into the reports being created and compare them to your LDM. We will of course need admin access to the project to follow through with such an investigation. 

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Hi @James, can you please share a screenshot of your LDM and the definition of the metric that gives you that error message?