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  • 12 April 2021
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I am trying to create a calculation to show the variance between the select time period (based on the dashboard filter) and the previous year.  It looks like I need to use the previous function - but I am receiving the below error.  When I use this calculation the result is always zero

Select SalesCredit Business LineSalesCredit Business Line where Year (Billingdatekey) = Previous





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It looks like you are not adding the date attribute “Year” from the right-hand side menu.


Please see:


You can find more information here: Get Started with Using MAQL to Write Metrics - Gooddata Free


And you can of course enroll to our University course for MAQL: Getting Started with MAQL (


Let us know how it goes :) 

Ok - when I select the Date Attribute. I am getting this result.


I made a change that got rid of the error - but see metric in action below.  The results are clearly incorrect.

new - SalesCredit Business LineSalesCredit Business Line for Previous(Year (Billingdatekey))without PF


I tried with and without the PF condition - with the same results.

New metric I am trying to create is SalesCreditBusinessLineLastYear


This topic can be closed as I have found I was selecting the wrong attribute in my calculation.