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This article provides an example of writing a request to the system - like 

Active Users:
SELECT COUNT(User) WHERE User Status = "Active"

We have installed the system and cannot find a way to make such a request. Are they available there? Where could we go wrong?



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You can create custom measure via our API. You can find some examples in the article as well. Just be sue to use the right attributes and syntax of your measure/metric.

Simple measures can be created directly from your Analyze tab as described here.

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You are very welcome!

Good question, actually. You can generate an API token. Once you obtain it, you can add it to the header of your HTTP request:

Authorization: Bearer $GDC_API_TOKEN


Thank you so much, everything became clear!

I apologize that the question may not be in the correct topic.
Is it possible to pass an authorization parameter in an iframe? So that the user does not enter a login-password there, or is it possible to use a shared access account. By token, for example.