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  • 16 December 2021
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Hi Community,

Our HR team are wanting to do 90 Day Turnover by restaurant.  I’ve been able to create the below metric that I can use in a report to bring me back by employee by site however the date is a fixed date.  Any suggestions for how to use a single date within the dashboard filter instead of having it written into the metric?  Ideally I was hoping to get something along the lines of excel with Today() then that date to be overwritten when filtered in the dashboard.

Currently the date 11/28/2021 is the period end, I would like this to be dynamic.

New Starter Metric

SELECT IF (Employee Start Date (HR_Events) + 91 > 11/28/2021 AND Employee Start Date (HR_Events) <= 11/28/2021) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

Leaver Metric

SELECT IF Employee Start Date (HR_Events) +91 > 11/28/2021 AND Employee Termination date (HR_Events) <= 11/28/2021 AND Employee Termination date (HR_Events) <> 01/01/1900 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

Thanks in advance

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