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  • 26 July 2023
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I have an attribute called Date Completed, which I can display no problem and an attribute with my current task status - I am able to see as of today is this task done or not, I am also able to see which month a task was marked completed. I am looking for a way to count tasks every month that are “open” aka in any status other than completed or do not have a date completed.


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To clarify - I need to see this month by month. Aka: open tasks in jan: 3, open tasks in feb: 2, open tasks in Mar: 0.

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Please note it might be hard to give you more precise answer without knowing your Data and your Logical Data Model (LDM). However, in general, doing similar data analysis as you are describing would most probably require some modifications on LDM and Data-load level. 


If I understand your use-case correctly, you will need to use Events to propagate the data accordingly. All the information how would the whole flow work is described in the bellow documentation: