Diference between dates

  • 31 October 2022
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Good morning, Is there any way to count the difference in days of two dates without counting holidays?

Best answer by Moises Morales 31 October 2022, 21:47

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Hi Thiago, unfortunately its a little difficult for us to provide you with the correct metric, without knowing, and looking into the project. However, at this time I can provide you with the guidelines on how to create such a metric - This article should help you get started: Date Attribute Arithmetic - Gooddata Classic

Example: Your metric would look something like this: SELECT AVG(Select Date (CreatedDate) - Date (TakeDownDate) BY TicketId)


Due to different holidays being relevant in different countries, we don't have a systematic way to exclude holidays. But, you can omit specific dates from your reports. For example, if you'd like to exclude tickets created December 25 from his reports,you can create a filter such as "Date (Created) isn't 12/24/2015, 12/25/2015, etc.