Cannot pull multiple Date dimensions into one Insight

  • 5 March 2021
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Here is my Logical Data Model:

For each WorkOrder have Ticket Created Date, Wo Created Date,… dimensions, when I add Ticket Created Date dimension then I can not use  Wo Created Date or others in the same insight. I have to work around that I created a view to convert other Dates to text to display on the report (Ticket Created Date Text, Wo Created Date text,...).

Do we have any solution or better ways of this? Please help me.

Thank you so much!


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Hi Lena,

Thank you for your question.

The ability to use multiple date dimensions in one insight was released in our last release on 25th of February. (notes here).

Right now it’s not default setting and needs to be configured (which you wouldn’t be able to do by yourself if you are freemium customer), but it will be released publicly for all customers in our next release on 11th of March.


If you are indeed a freemium customer and you don’t want to wait until 11th of March to use this feature, feel free to send us a support ticket to


Also if you don’t want to miss our next new features, you can subscribe to our release notes and get the news to your email.


Best regards,

Boris from GoodData Support

Hi Boris,

Thank you for your information, but I still have a issue that I created a metric that use BY keyword to count WorkOrder  by a Property, but  instead of it have to aggregate to Property level then this metric was be broken down to WorkOrder floor.


Example: I have a Property that has 6 WOs were created. Below is my Insight:


I expect “WOs on Prop” is number 6, but it still was be broken down by Workorder #.

Here is my code for “WOs on Prop” metric:

select count(WO #) BY Property

Could you help me take a look on this?

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Hi Lena,

The metric is broken down by Workorder #, because you are using Workorder # attribute in the insight, which is correct and expected behaviour.

To lock the aggregation where you need, you might need to use all other keyword.


So your metric would like something like:

select count(WO #) BY Property ALL OTHER

Can you please try that?


Hi Boris,

It works correctly right now, thank you so much!