"Show zeroes" option

Add an option to show zeroes.
I’ve spent hours trying to hack metrics together to show weeks/days/months where zero of something happened (amongst weeks/days/months where stuff happened), only to find you can’t “stack by” when you use ifnull. It’s necessary, as bunching two weeks together that have data, and missing the week with zero data, doesn’t show the full story when looking at business progress…
Looks from Googling that many people want the ability to show periods where zero events happened on a graph involving time. There’s multiple guides around using ifnull, but it could be so much more user-friendly...

A “Show periods with zero” tick box alongside the “Date as”, “group by”, “Display as:” options would be invaluable.

Hello Simon,

Thanks for posting your request. I understand your struggle to build a report like that, and this is a known gap. In GoodData, we believe that analytics should show the most relevant data available on the user's question; therefore, the default behavior is 0 and NULL values are not displayed on the charts. Otherwise, it would produce lots of bloat data on each insight users build. However, we also see the inability to construct a report the way it suits your needs as an issue. We are currently discussing how the GoodData Cloud and Cloud Native handling the NULL and zero values in calculations and visualizations can be improved with the developers. Your suggestion to add a setting "Show periods with zero" is also in consideration. 

Please stay tuned for further updates and release notes. 

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Hello @Simon,

It is possible to workaround it on the GoodData Platform by following syntax for the metrics you slice by date:


It will left join date dimension with the data and you will see the “0” in the reports.

This workaround is available only on GoodData Platform.