Dill to URL from Traget Insight: which is arrived at by drill to insight from source insight

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Greetings of the day,

we have “drill to insight” which allows us to dig deeper into Data say it leads us to some target visualization.
Now there can be a scenario, where we need to dig in even deeper to a actual record page, which is possible with “drill to url”.
as of now, we can only use drill to URL for insight which is on some dashboard.
Can we directly drill to URL from target visualization, even the target insight is not on any dashboard.

Thank you.

Hi @Lokeshwar,

This is Michal from the product team. Thanks for your post. It is valuable feedback. I understand your use case, and it makes sense to support it.

We are currently preparing improvements to drilling capabilities for 2024. Your request may not make it to the first milestone, but I will add it to the list of possible improvements so that it stays on our radar for the next milestones.

Best regards,