Unable to add widget to Dashboard

  • 26 April 2023
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I have a Dashboard that I need to add a new insight report that I built, but I am unable to add it. I drag it into the Dashboard while in Edit mode, but it will not attach.  I’ve tried this on all of my Dashboards and none will allow a new insight.


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6 replies

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That sounds pretty strange. Does it happen in Incognito mode or in other browser as well?
Do you have an option to test this with a different user? Maybe a colleague of yours? Are they able to replicate the issue, please?

I can confirm that this happens in other browsers, in an incognito window, and with other users in my team who have access to GoodData.  

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Really sorry to hear so. Let me quickly check internally, what might be causing such misbehaviour.


we were able to identify and replicate the faulty behaviour and we are investigating the root cause and possible fix. We will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Thanks for patience,



So it seems there were more changes happening around the environment of the application which we could not affect. We have released an update since. Unfortunately right now there is still some browser (Chrome) dependent bug which needs to be dealt with. I am sorry that it takes so long.

Please use Firefox or Safari browser as a workaround for now.

Of course we will keep you posted on further development.

Thanks for patience,


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Sorry for the radio silence here.

I just wanted to be sure that you are aware of the upcoming Termination of GoodData for Freshdesk.  

Thank you for your understanding.