Time Spent and Resolution Time wrong?

I am curious how the time spent and resolution time are calculated. Both of these numbers are not correct.




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Could you confirm, where do you see this discrepancy, please?
Does this Insight belong to the "10. Time Sheet Summary" Dashboard?

This is a custom dashboard that I have built. The tile itself is the insight, List of Tickets (Open)

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I see, thank you for letting me know.
Are you using any Dashboard filters, please? Also, it looks like there is no Agent or Group column specified in your report.
What exact results are you hoping for, please? 

The filter is for last month only and I am hoping to see the total time spent on the ticket. I included a screen shot of the total time spent on the ticket with this request, so that is the number I would expect to see.

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Thank you for the clarification. I am just afraid, it is not showing the total time spent by all agents who ever worked on a ticket.

Could you try to add the Agent column/attribute to your Insight and check the results then, please? In the meanwhile, I will verify if your data are being uploaded correctly.

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Hi, we identified two problems:

  1. The time spent is not returned correctly by the Freshdesk's API. We are currently waiting for a fix of the API.
  2. According to the screenshots that you shared with us, there seems to be some problem with your agent configuration in Freshdesk. You should see more time spent entries for the ticket 4269. We recommend you to contact Freshdesk support and check your agent configuration.

Hello, I am glad to confirm both the “time spent” and the “resolution time” are fixed now. Thank You for catching and reporting these issues, we really appreciate that.

I am not seeing that the time spent is working still as of this morning. Is there some type of update we need to perform?

Hi Jessica, can you please check and confirm what time spent value you can see for the ticket id 4269 from your screenshot now? After the fix, I can see:

  • Time spent: 1d 06h

Can you see the same value? If not what value can you see?

It seems the issue was Time Spent Total (Ticket) vs Time Spent Total. Everything seems to line up now!!! THank you!!!!!!!!


Sorry, I was incorrect. It seems something is still missing or perhaps I am using the wrong field but we are missing hours via good data that we see using analytics still.





Hi Jessica, we are going to investigate the discrepancy. It would help us if you could share also “Last Month Hours by Client” from Freshdesk (like the first screenshot in your latest comment). Thanks in advance.

Absolutely. I am free most of the day if a zoom call to screen share both reports and look more into the back end design of them would be helpful, just let me know.

Hi Jessica, thank you for the numbers and also for your willingness to discuss it via zoom. The discrepancy is evident here, so we have all what we need to start with the investigation. In the first step we will review what is downloaded from Freshdesk exactly and how it is processed on GoodData side. We will keep you updated.

Hi Jessica, let me share a quick update with you. We reviewed the processing and ensured with our folks from Freshdesk that the numbers loaded to GD4FD are correct. They have a suspicion the discrepancy comes from the Analytics itself. We agreed to report this issue to the FD support which I have done a few minutes ago. I have CC'ed you as well.