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  • 9 June 2022
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I am trying to filter so that I only display time entries that are on this month. I’ve tried filtered on event date, but that does not work. Thank you in advance for your help!!



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Could you please let us know if the datetime created is incorrect as well?  I see some values from January, in case this is not correct, you may need to use a filter for this attribute instead of the date filter. Can you please give that a try and let us know if this brings the desired result? 



I tried that as well but all of the attributes are text values - there’s no date or time values.


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Changing the date filter to use the date as Ticket Created (Date) will show you the information for this month as desired (see screenshot). You may also want to double check if this is the correct filter to use based on the data you want to see and the breakdown available on the table at the bottom of this page: Tickets - Gooddata Freshdesk

Thank you for replying. I do not wish to filter based on when the ticket was created. I wish to filter based on the actual month the ticket was worked on.


So, If I ran a report today for items worked on this month, I would see tickets created not just in April, but March, Feb, etc - if they had time entries for April.

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In that case you will have to change the date filter to show you the date as Ticket Updated. You can then filter it further to the values for the current month.

Thank you I believe that worked - can you also provide some direction on how to reflect the results in hours and not days?

For example, I am looking to see 40h instead of 1d 16h for The Accurate Group


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It is possible to change the custom format of your insight as shown below: 



You can find more details about this in our platform documentation: Formatting Numbers in Insights

I am trying to replicate the first row so that even if it’s over 24 hours, it reflects in hours.



When I try and apply this formatting, my times go really off. Using integrity title as an example, we have only had this client for 2 months, so the most they could have is 60 days. Their actual time for this month is 8 hours.


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It looks like your insight format may be wrong hence the values you are getting,  you will have to double check the conditionals you’ve used to get the wished format.