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  • 29 September 2022
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Why can’t I add the subject of a ticket to an insight that has time spent?






Best answer by nikism 6 October 2022, 12:10

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Hi Jessica,

This might be caused by the way your data model was created. Data Catalog only shows items that are relevant for the particular Insight.
In a bottom of your Data Catalog, it says 1 unrelated data item is hidden - it could be exactly the one that you are looking for.
To me, it looks like the Ticket Subject isn't connected to one or more attributes from your Insight and that's why it is hidden. Could you be so kind and double-check your model, please?

You can find some additional hints in this article as well.

We did not build the data model since this is from the freshdesk integration, but I am wondering why the two models can’t be connected via ticket ID since they exist in both places

Hello Jessica,
I checked your problem and you are right, the problem is there.. You cannot add the subject because Ticket Subject and Time Entry Start Time cannot be in same table due to how the model is made. I will discuss with my colleagues if we can make changes to the model to solve this problem and let you know.
Best Regards,