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  • 28 September 2022
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Hello - this may be related to an issue I reported months ago that is still being resolved, but since the data point is entirely different, I wanted to come here and ask anyway.

The highlighted field is a custom field I added to our companies yesterday. This morning at 9AM EST, I went through and updated this field so that none of the values are none. It’s been 3 hours and the good data report still reflects nothing/null for most of the companies listed.

When I hover over the help, it tells me that the data was updated 16 minutes ago, but that doesn’t really seem to be accurate. I did include 1 screen shot of the company info for reference.




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Hello Jessica,
thank you for your question. We investigated the issue and we found out that we are getting these N/A values from Freshdesk API so there is nothing we can do with that our side. You can try to rise this question on Freshdesk support page.
But if you are concerned about the fact that you see null value in our analytics in cases there is N/A value in Freshdesk, that is correct. In our reporting system we translate N/A to null value. 
Let me know in case you have any other quetions.
Best Regars,

N/A is actually the value I wanted to return - for approximately 5 hours after I created the field and entered those values, the report showed null - displayed in the screen shot provided - instead of N/A.

Hi Jessica,


Thank you for clarifying this! Our team is looking into this issue. 


We will reach back to you next Monday with explanation.








Hello Jessica,
we tested N/A value on our side and everything worked fine. The only thing that maybe is reason of your concerns is that loading of the custom fields data take some time, because we download and update these data from API every four hours.
Can you plase check now if the data are still wrong and let us know?
Thank you in advance.