Inaccurate report in GoodData for Freshdesk

  • 6 December 2022
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I created a report that reflects what is set in a custom data field. The report runs, but it is showing what was set in the custom data field upon ticket closure, but the field was modified after the ticket was closed, as we realized it had been set incorrectly. How can I report on what is currently set in a custom field and not what it was set to when it was marked closed?


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7 replies

Looks like that does fix it.  I have almost 200 tickets to Open and Close, so this isn’t the most efficient solution, not to mention it throws off my metrics surrounding re-opened tickets, but will have to do for now. Thanks for your help. 

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Yes, it might take some time to sync. The next data load should solve this. Could you let us know how does it look now, please?

This doesn’t seem to make a difference. Is there a time that it takes to sync the changes to GoodData?

Thank you, I will try this.


thank you for your question. To solve this issue just update status of the ticket after you change the informations in custom fields. That will trigger update of the infomations in the reports. So for example in your case, change status back to “Open” then edit infomations in your custom fields and then change the status back to “Closed” again.
Let us know in case of any other issues.

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Nikol from GoodData

The date filter is correct and encompasses when the change occurred.  The change is showing properly in my event log

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Is there any Date filter applied by a chance? Is it possible, the change of the Custom field value was applied on a different Date, therefore it is still showing the historical value?

Also, do you have a chance to check something like an event Log for this particular ticket and ticket field changes, please? I am just wondering if the change of the field value is being tracked correctly at all.