Accessing the Analytical Designer in GoodData for Freshdesk

  • 6 December 2022
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In your documentation, you mention using Analytical Designer but I can't seem to figure where to access this in the GoodData for Freshdesk interface. How do I locate this?


Best answer by Michael Ullock 6 December 2022, 21:21

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7 replies

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please see the following documentation that will help you with this:

When you click the "Analyze" tab you're then accessing the Analytical Designer to create insights. 

Thank you.  Is there a way for me to create new custom measures or metrics?

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Yes, in Analytical Designer, you can create your own calculated measures from the measures already available in your insights using basic arithmetic functions. More details can be found here:

You can also find more details on the available measures here:

Can you resend me the links for creating metrics from the Analytical Designer?  You sent the following several months ago:

You can also find more details on the available measures here:


I’ve tried the links and I receive a 404 Error - Page not Found

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Of course:



Thank you.  Is there a way to create an AVG metric?  I’d like to create a metric similar to: SELECT AVG(Time Spent (Ticket))

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You can create averages as shown here: