the insight not appearing in Home page in GoodData App created using GD.Ui

  • 28 November 2022
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  i am trying to create the pivot table by creating react app using GD.UI.i am actually referring the Good data university to create it as i am fresher to this topic.Now, my code is not creating insight in the home page in the Good Data app as mentioned in the Good data university.Please do help me with it!!also please find the attached images for your reference

Thank you


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9 replies

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Hi Preetham, 

Could you please check the console logs for any errors? Can you also copy-paste the relevant code snippet? 





  Can you please brief me a bit about console logs and what kind of code snippet i should paste because i have no idea about this and i am working on this for the first time!!i have attached all the changes made in the visual studio code that is in the constant.js,full.js and Home.js.these are the only changes i made in the my-app created.Please do the needful and oblige!!


Thank you

Hello Team,

 Can you please reply sooner because it’s urgent to complete the task.It will be a great help if u help me out with the solution ASAP!!

Thank you

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Hello Preetham,


I assume that you want to display the insight on your home page. 

Your source code looks almost correct, except the insight ID (Triangle_Data) you are using in your insightView does not exist in your MD catalogue. 

You will need to refresh the catalogue first and use the ID from there.


Best regards,

Boris from GoodData Support

Hello @Boris,

 Can you please mention what is MD catalogue u just addressed about!!

Thank you

Hello @Boris ,

 Can you please elaborate the solution!!i am not understanding where should i fix what!!

Thank you

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Hi Preetham,

The MD catalog is a list of all (relevant) metadata objects in your GoodData environment, which can then be used in your react application. 

In your case, the full.js file is the MD catalog. You can find more information here.


Kind regards,

Boris from GoodData Support team.


i am finding an error message in the Home.js.I think because of it ,the insight is not loading in the app.Please do find the attached image of the issue

Thank you

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Hi Preetham,

This error is not really relevant - it is thrown by your IDE. Are you receiving any errors in the command line when you run yarn start?

Also, is really Triangle_Data an id of an insight from your export catalog?

For example I was able to display the insight with following minimal configuration in home.js:

import React from "react";

import Page from "/components/Page";
import "@gooddata/sdk-ui-ext/styles/css/main.css";
import "@gooddata/sdk-ui-dashboard/styles/css/main.css";

import { InsightView } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui-ext";
const Home = () => {
    return <Page>
    <div style={{ height: 400, width: 600 }}>
        <InsightView insight="{{insightId}}"/>

export default Home;