GoodData issue with requiring 3rd party cookies to be enabled

  • 18 February 2022
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In my current project we are using GoodData SDK-UI to access data and corresponding components in our frontend part of application that is on React. I ran across an issue where in some browsers as Mozilla Firefox, Brave and Safari there would be a strange behavior on page loading - basically, it would just be getting in the loop trying to access our 3rd party authentication service.

I found this article where it was exactly specifying what the problem is, it is an issue with GoodData requiring 3rd party cookies to be enabled. 

Doing that in all browsers actually fixed the issue, but however I feel like it is not the greatest user experience for our future clients if they would need to change browser settings or switch to a browser that allows that in order to use GoodData. 

What could be a possible fix to implement across the browsers in order to avoid this problem?


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Hello Konstantin,

Please, do you work with CORS and white-labeled domain? I am asking concretely because of the statement below:

Customers using white-labeled versions of GoodData may not be impacted if the domain of the GoodData solution matches the domain of the embedding application. For example, if your white-labeled solution’s domain is and your web site is hosted as, then you may not be impacted.

Hi Iva,

I think we are are on a free version of GoodData and as I understand white-labeling only available on Growth and Enterprise plans?

The GoodData domain which we refer to at the frontend looks like this: [COMPANY_NAME]

Not sure if it’s white-labeled solution’s domain

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Hi Konstantin, 

To make the embedded components work without enabling 3rd party cookies, GoodData would need to be hosted on the same domain as your app, e.g., white-labeled Insights hosted on "analytics.{my_domain}.com" embedded into "yourapplication.{my_domain}.com" as the requests will be considered as coming from the same domain. However, just as mentioned previously by my colleague, this is only possible if you have a whitelabeled domain. I recommend you contact your Account Manager if you are interested in getting one. You can find more info and explanation here:



Thank you for your responses!