Export very large data sets in GD.UI

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We have a PivotTable built in GD.UI that shows the error “too many data points to display”. We do NOT want to add filters.

I know in the pixel perfect world we can create a Report (not an Insight) that will not display more than 60m cells but will allow the user to download/export all data associated with that Report.

Is it possible to enable export of large data sets from PivotTables in GD.UI without filtering?





Best answer by Moises Morales 21 July 2022, 09:36

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Hi Shambo, 


In this case you will need to export the report via the API. Take into account that the maximum report size of a raw export is 1GB and a report of this size may take up to 2 hours to process. You can find the call details in our API documentation:





Hi Moises,


In the documentation, I don’t see a way to export objects from GD.UI, such as a <PivotTable>. The doc seems to say the export API needs an executionResult for an Insight, or Report URI.

BTW, the export I’m using is based on



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As discussed internally, it is also possible to use the execute component with AFM which returns JSON code with the resultset. You can then parse, visualize or process it as needed. There shouldn't be any limitations on this.

You can find more details about this in our documentation:



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