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  • 28 February 2023
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Our application built with React unable to retrieve result using Gooddata query, due to the fact it reaches the size limit. While investigating the issue, we supposed that the cause can be the number of measures passing on the execution definition (please see the screen below), or the query result count, it raises an error if the data result exceed 100000 rows 


Theoretically, our query definition doesn’t exceed the platfom limits in terms of result set, but is it possible to extend the number of result set if needed?


Thanks for the support.

Kind regards



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7 replies

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Hello Tarik,


Unfortunately the screenshot is in bad quality and it’s rather hard to read. Could you please re-upload it? Also I am afraid that extending  the platform limits wouldn’t be an option here. 


Along with the screenshot, can you please also send us the particular error you are getting? 




Hi Julius,


Thanks for the reply, the error message I received is “Data_too_large_to_compute”


Please find attached the screenshot of the measures that we passed to the query

Kind regards


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Hey Tarik,

May I know what exact query are you running, please?
I might be mistaken here, but if you are trying to execute a table Insight with a result of more than 100 000 rows, you might be crossing one of the Table limit. Currently, the maximum number of rows is set to 60 000 rows.

You've mentioned also the increased number of measures(metrics) here. Please be aware that maximum number of metrics per one insight is set to 20.

If this is not a case, please let us know what query or API are you using.

Hi Iva,


Thanks for the reply, we’re using the React library to query GoodData, specifically the useExecutionData hook, could you please confirm that this limitation applies only on GoodData insights, if not the case, is it possible to increase the number of rows (100 000 rows for instance)


Thanks for the support 

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Hello Tarik,

The 60,000 row limitation is a solid one and can’t be increased. The useExecutionDataView hook is only a wrapper over the APIs which are also used by the platform, so it is subject to the same limit.

Hello Jan,


Is this limitation applied only to the api or the other GD insights, and according to the documentation, the size limitation is 60 million of cells, equivalent to 6m rows for 10 measures

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Hi Tarik,

The section you’ve linked relates to the Data Warehouse which is used for storing data and loading it into your workspace - also referred to as the ADS in our docs. You can learn more about it here:

The 60,000 rows or 60,000 columns or 60,000,000 cells limit described in the report computation (even a custom execution) applies by whichever limit is hit first.