Reviewing Data After CSV Import

  • 19 February 2021
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When importing data from a CSV file, there is a step to review the first 50 lines of the data file prior to uploading the full file. Is there a facility to review the “raw” data AFTER importing and without creating a new insight?


Best answer by Martin Burian 1 May 2021, 08:50

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Hi Rick, 

there is no way to review the “raw” data after importing CSV file without creating an insight to view the data in the UI. However, if you were to go with our "Enterprise" price plan, you would also have the following options available to you to view the raw data after importing:

Just let us know if you have any other questions. 

M. Ullock 

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Hi Rick.

The whole input data goes through a validation against the model, so only input data in the expected format are loaded otherwise the data load fails. So there is no need to validate data after import of CSV. The preview is there just for the first time when you also create dataset for your model based on the CSV file. The preview allows you to choose right type of fields for the dataset based on data in the CSV. There you choose if the dataset field will be attribute or fact or something else based on the first couple of lines you see in the preview.

There are couple of advanced situation for which a validation would be useful and it is e.g. check of referential integrity between dataset. We have a functionality for that. It can do multiple validation checks of the project. The functionality is described in the following article:

Best regards.