Publishing Data Model: CSV Data Validation Failed

  • 5 November 2020
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I’ve imported a CSV, and the model looks right, but then I click on Publish I get a message saying Data Validation Failed. 

Is there anywhere that I can get more detailed messages for the failure? 
When I used the Load screen to load up the CSV I did get reasons as to why the publish would have failed, but it seems disjointed. I had hoped to deal with all my data work in the Data Integration Console, and not need to hop around so much 

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Best answer by Joseph Heun 5 November 2020, 16:35

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You may see this why when the project is in an inconsistent state. You can always check the project validation for issues before making changes to the LDM. 


Also, you can try and fix the model by running the synchronize command for all affected datasets which can be identified in the project validation. 

Thanks for the answer…. .

Another related question - say I add an attribute in my CSV.

I then go to the Data Modeller, and I add the new attributes. I published, and then update from file. I am getting the following message, where X is the name of my model.

How can I fix the mapping? Or do I need to delete the model etc? 

Data validation failed.

The field 'fact.X.longitude' is not mapped.

The field 'fact.X.latitude' is not mapped.




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The best practice is to update the LDM first, and then you can check the field mapping in the dataset before downloading the CSV template, which will help you prepare your CSV file for loading the new data.  More information on this can be found on our help portal article, “Update a Logical Data Model”

You can even add a new dataset through a CSV file if you choose so.