No Facts Or Dates for CSV Import

  • 26 February 2021
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I’ve imported a CSV file with attributes, dates and numbers but GoodData is only recognizing attributes and not giving me the option to select some of those columns as numbers.

I’ve tried it with various CSV imports but all of them continue to product the same results.


Anyone experience that and found a fix?


Best answer by Moises Morales 26 February 2021, 22:52

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3 replies

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May I know how are you importing your CSV file to your workspace? Are you using the LDM Modeler

I was able to figure out, seems the import don’t like commas in the number column and once removed GoodData was able to identify them as numbers.

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Great! You can also check our documentation on this for future reference: Using a Comma as a Delimiter and as a Decimal Separator