Cloning a workspace without including data

  • 11 March 2021
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I have followed the instructions on Clone a Workspace via Gray Pages and obtain a new workspace with all the data model and insights; however, I get errors when importing new data into the new workspace. The error lists all fields from my import file as a_fieldname cannot be found. The only way I have found to import data is to rebuild the data model which destroys the insights and dashboards.


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5 replies

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That's great. Thank you very much for sharing your solution with us, really appreciated!

I figured out to rename my new data variables a__fieldname and f__fieldname and convert dates to yyyy-mm-dd and I could upload new data into the existing model.

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Once again, I am really sorry for your bad experience. I'll bring this up to our developers and kindly ask them to make the process more user friendly.

As a workaround, you can try to update the field mapping manually, or you can Import and Export your model as JSON.


We upload CSV files both to create the model and to replace data.

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Hey Rick,

Sorry to hear so.

May I know how do you import the new data, please? Also, how was the original model created?