BigQuery : Data distribution worker failed. Reason: All projects failed to load.

  • 12 June 2021
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I’m able to load small dataset from the Bigquery warehouse but getting this error for a larger dataset after 5 hours of data loading process. Please help.

====================== Downloading and integrating data ======================2021-06-11T22:00:52.703+0200 [ERROR]: Fail to load projects "[m96k12g0j5jvcn249c4ggj9h8gte2vla]". Reason: Error processing taskId=82223a5d660230b15f266f142fade45a005b5416d04e7842000000d5 status=ERROR messages=TaskMessages:{empty=false,messageBodies=[task exceeded maximum processing time],messages=[TaskMessage:{classValue=task.error.timeout,fromValue=gcfw,time=DateTime:{...}}]}2021-06-11T22:00:52.716+0200 [INFO]: ====================== End of downloading and integrating data ======================2021-06-11T22:00:52.719+0200 [ERROR]: Data distribution worker failed. Reason: All projects failed to load.

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4 replies

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Hi Ajeet, 


We were unable to identify an obvious reason for this loading process to timeout. It might have been caused by a network issue. Could you please try running it again and let us know how it goes?





@Moises Morales Thanks for your reply. As you suggested I started again data loading process with three retry delays but still having the same timeout error and it failed after exactly 5 hours.  


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Hi Ajeet, 


I am sorry to hear that you are still having this error, can you please submit a ticket with our Support team? We'll be happy to look into this further for you. You can submit a ticket with our Support team here: 




just adding few more lines to the above. Timeout can be received also because of certain limits on either BQ or GD side.

You can always check our Platform Limits to make sure your ETL or any of the other processes/tasks outlined there will run smoothly. You can do a quick workaround by splitting the load and retrying it manually.