Best Practice For Importing Date FIelds

  • 17 February 2021
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I’ve been working in GoodData setting up multiple insights and a KPI dashboard. I have a question about handling dates that I’ve not found an answer to.

My data has an order completion date (ship date) that is either in the form MM/DD/YYYY or MMM YYYY (eg. FEB 2021) or YYYY/MM/DD. I have tried all three formats when importing the data. When I import the data, I have the attribute marked as text. I wish to produce a line chart based on month and year of the shipments showing the total value of the orders shipped. When I setup the insight, I get the dates in alphabetic sequence (Apr 18, Apr 19, Apr 20, Aug 18, Aug, 19, Aug 20 etc.). What do I need to do to get GoodData to see these values as dates and report by month?


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I solved this question by deleting my data model and completely re-importing the data with my date field in the format YY/MM/DD. GoodData then recognized the data as a date and depicted the chart properly.

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Hey Rick,

Actually, dates need to be uploaded to the platform into the specific Date dataset. You can use the prebuilt one, directly from your modeler, as navigated in our documentation and shown below:


Or you can prepare your own Custom Calendar. We offer some templates for download as well.

Otherwise, the data is recognized as basic attribute - text string. That's why the sorting didn't work as expected.