Updating Data Models when Souece Updated

  • 19 January 2023
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So I have a postgress database that has been updated to add new columns. However, my data model doesn't seem to pick these up or volunteer that they were found so that I can choose to add them for future loads.


Without breaking metrics how can I add the missing columns in the least manual way?




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Unfortunately, this is not how our Platform works. If you make some changes in your source data, it needs to be updated in your model and loading mapping as well.

Thanks, to be clear after reading the guide, the only time I have a guided approach to building my model is during the initial creation where I can map the various columns, after the model is made, I have not manually add every new column to a table.


Gooddata does not cross reference my copy of the data model with the source, nor does it volunteer that my model is now out of date due to it missing N columns offering any type of workflow to close the gap.


I ask because this means that our resource needs to monitor all in scope tables and ensure we have tight controls to start.  While important, it’s a different expectation than a system that adds this missing value.

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You will need to make sure your LDM gets updated to match the columns in your source data. There is a good article explaining how to update your LDM here: