Updating Data Models when Souece Updated

  • 19 January 2023
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So I have a postgress database that has been updated to add new columns. However, my data model doesn't seem to pick these up or volunteer that they were found so that I can choose to add them for future loads.


Without breaking metrics how can I add the missing columns in the least manual way?




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You will need to make sure your LDM gets updated to match the columns in your source data. There is a good article explaining how to update your LDM here:

Thanks, to be clear after reading the guide, the only time I have a guided approach to building my model is during the initial creation where I can map the various columns, after the model is made, I have not manually add every new column to a table.


Gooddata does not cross reference my copy of the data model with the source, nor does it volunteer that my model is now out of date due to it missing N columns offering any type of workflow to close the gap.


I ask because this means that our resource needs to monitor all in scope tables and ensure we have tight controls to start.  While important, it’s a different expectation than a system that adds this missing value.

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Unfortunately, this is not how our Platform works. If you make some changes in your source data, it needs to be updated in your model and loading mapping as well.