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  • 17 June 2022
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Hi, I have a number of similar workspaces that share the same data structure. Recently I have added some fields to the tables in my data warehouse and have changed my data models on Good Data to reflect these changes.


This has been fine on 3 workspaces, but on the 4th when I try to save the changes, I receive the following error and the changes are not saved:


[{"errorClass":"GDC::Exception::Base","requestId":"modeler_4WjdYDoOXy_DWDqXo0YWP:dOzuVDGsk4yGDtRA:110lnxnig7moh5gy","parameters":["handle_exception","hide_internal"],"component":"Stock::MD","message":"Internal error [%s, %s]."}]


Is there any way to fix this?


Also, related to this, when saving data model changes - even though the only changes are to add new fields - some calculated metrics and insights are destroyed when saving the changes. It’s nice that there is a warning, but is there any way round this? It would be understandable if I was changing fields that were already in use, but in this case I’m only adding new fields.





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Can you please let us know how are you exactly updating your model and what datasource are you using? Note that you might need to do this via MAQL DDL so the columns can be added/dropped properly. You can check this post for more info. Also, please make sure you are using the correct table name in the dataset mapping menu in the model. More info here:

According to our logs, these are the problematic objects causing the error:

exception_msg="Object \\\"36046/visualizationWidget\\\" does not define how to manage owned relation to predecessors \\\"35318/attribute\\\" that is beeing dropped."

If the above doesn’t help, can you please invite our support user into the one of the projects where the LDM update worked without any issue and also into the one where this problem occurred?




Thank you for your detailed response. I just checked the assigned fields again and found the issue. One of the added fields mappings was slightly misspelled with a missing underscore. Correcting this allowed the changed to be saved successfully.


Thanks again for your help.